My Month in Mulki

What I learnt when I was supposed to be learning how to surf

Epilogue: Adventure

The universe works in funny ways sometimes. I spent my month in Mulki, and was quite happy with the time I got to spend, and the lessons that I got to learn. But as it turned out, my whole month was more of an opportunity to study for a final exam that had probably been planned all along.

The exam came in the form of an opportunity for an adventure. But in order to be able to actually see the opportunity for what it was, and then be able to accept it, I needed to have learnt all the lessons that were part of my syllabus.

I got to meet my fellow adventurer because I had taken up the resposibility to lead kayaking expeditions, and was using that opportunity to talk to the guests, so that we could all get the most out of our experience.

It only happened because of a certain sense of patience and persistence, and a certain focus on making the most of the present moment.

And when the opportunity presented itself, I had to say yes, immediately. And while I really didn’t know how the adventure would go, I knew there was only one way of finding out.

Over the course of that adventure, I got to learn a whole lot. Probably even more than I learnt in Mulki. But none of that happened in February, and none of that happened in Mulki. So it will have to be a different story, for a different time.

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